Trans Sex Zine-Volume I


Trans Sex Zine is a collaborative, ongoing sex ed project by and for trans and gnc folks that tells stories of sex, bodies, & desire. We think trans ppl of every age, identity, attraction, and relationship status are experts of our own experience and have valuable things to share with each other.

Digital downloads of Trans Sex Zine Volume One are now available here:

Suggested donation is $5-15. This allows us to have print copies available in trans youth spaces, ship zines nationally, and travel with them to zine fests. If money is a barrier to you purchasing one, or you don’t have an online account to pay, you can download for free!

TRANS SEX ZINE is organized by: James DeWitt, Bobbi Gass, and Chandler Daily in Minneapolis, MN. Submissions from 11 contributors all over the world!

This is volume one, if you are interested in submitting to VOLUME T W O click here

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