Call for Submissions

Real Talk: Abuse and Assault

Looking for trans and gender non-conforming identified folks who are willing to share their experiences of abuse, assault, call outs, and accountability processes for a zine about sexual violence, historical trauma, state repression, Christian hegemony, and the ways that we reenact these patterns within queer and trans community.

Asking folks to write from the gut and allow themselves to be raw and in turn I will treat your stories with care and respect. All entries should be anonymous. Please email your submissions to Maximum 3 standard sized pages of image and text. Submission deadline is July 30th, 2017.

Trans Sex Zine Volume 2

Looking for trans and gender non conforming folks across the spectrum to write for a sex ed zine for trans youth of all ages–part how-to, part personal stories about different kinds of sex acts from non-expert voices (no erotica please). Hoping to cover some basics (different kinds of penetrative sex, anal, oral, hand jobs, using toys, etc) and some different kinds of kink. It would be great to have part personal writing (what you like about that particular sex act, when you first tried it, the pros and cons, risk factors/how to be safe) and also a clear step by step guide of how it works. Feel free to include as much or as little of your experiences and knowledge about sex in general: sexual health, kink, dating, relationships, positive experiences, negative experiences, sexual awakenings, masturbating, transition, whatever! Check out Vol. 1 here.

Maximum two pages of image and text. Submissions are rolling.

Please email and let us know your name and what topics/sex acts you are interested in covering!