Trans Sex Zine

Digital downloads of Trans Sex Zine Volume One and Volume Two are now available!

Volume One:

Volume Two: 

Trans Sex Zine is a collaborative, ongoing sex ed project by and for trans and gnc folks that tells stories of sex, bodies, & desire. We think trans ppl of every age, identity, attraction, and relationship status are experts of our own experience and have valuable things to share with each other.

TRANS SEX ZINE is organized by creator Eloise von DeWitt and co-director Bobbi Gass, with 26 contributors across the gender spectrum and the planet.

3 thoughts on “Trans Sex Zine

  1. Hi I think this is great and so much of what I’ve been looking for. What I am also looking for, however, is resources that discuss gender identity and trans and gnc identity for heterosexual people and people unaware of our communities and existence. I’d like to bring something like this to my school to distribute. Not necessarily something that discusses sex because I don’t want to hyper sexualized by them just understood and respected.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the feedback and for your question–you’re right, all our resources are very specifically by and for trans and gnc folks. I don’t personally have a favorite resource for your question, but I was doing some looking at this seems like a really extensive compilation of resources meant to educator cis/het ppl. and also this Hope this is helpful!

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