Sex Ed: A Love Story

I use stories from everyday life to add relatable content to the fact-based material that I want to share. The act of storytelling has the potential to create powerful connections between larger movements  for change and communities they are impacting. It is so vital to balance big picture political work with personal activism, or we risk losing the meaning behind our work. Sharing these stories broaden our shared understanding  of bodies, love, desire, gender, and sex.

About the artist


Gender Roles


Full post and download links here: Condoms: A Love Story


“Real talk about STI transmission and risk, navigating safer sex, and of course personal stories and anecdotes from a non-expert!” Full post and download links here: Mythbusting: A Love Story  


“This is another double-sided zine, (prints front to back) about COMMUNICATION, RELATIONSHIPS, and CONSENT.” Full post and download links here: WE NEED TO TALK: a love story      


“I use this zine to talk about developing a healthy self-concept, and the importance of self-representation and individual expression through style.” Full post and download links here: my true self: a love story  



That’s What You Said

This storytelling experiment was the result of a zine making event with the prompt of “What were some things you were learning about sex at ages 4, 13, and 18?” Really interesting to see the similarities between these stories and the illustrations are amazing! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Trans History

“There is so much legacy of transgender people throughout history who were powerful, respected members of their communities, leaders, shamans, honored, revered.” Full post and download links here: Trans history: A Love Story


Exploring FEAR–insecurities, anxieties, perfectionism Full post and download links here: FEAR: A Love Story  


“I want to stop limiting myself to “good” self-care, and being gentle and non-judgmental of myself when I can’t treat myself with love and respect.” Full post and download links here: self care: a love story      


“My hope with this zine was to begin a conversation about emotion as part of a developing sexuality and self-concept.” Full post and download links here: Angry: A Love Story      

Feeling Myself A little zine about the joys of masturbation! Including some probably inaccurate info about childhood masturbation, and more importantly lots of reasons why self pleasure and self exploration can be great!

B’s Story This is an amazing submission from my first call for writers to share their experiences of contraceptive decision making from “B”,  a “Trans-dyke-princess”. I love that this zine talks about transition and hormones in regards to sexuality, identity, and partnerships, choosing contraceptives,  and family planning. Thank you to B for sharing your story!

The Patch and PMDD So grateful for this story from a call for submissions on trans/GNC identities and contraceptive and birth control decision making. I really appreciated this submission as this person talks about choosing hormonal birth control for a lot of different reasons (cramps and PMDD), but not primarily to prevent a pregnancy. Thank you G for sharing […]

Pregnant Some random and scrambled thoughts on the long and confusing process of being trans, getting pregnant, and becoming a parent. For whatever reason, I always had this idea that I would have a kid when I was 27 (it’s my golden birthday). Being trans and on hormones reinforced that timeline for me–I felt like […]


Digital download here: This zine came from a call for submissions I did about people’s experiences with different forms of birth control. I chose to combine these two stories because of their similarities–dealing with copper IUDs and abortion. If you have experience with the hormonal IUD Mirena and would like to share, please contact me! […]


This zine is about a lot of things, including desire–but I really wanted to approach the concept of desire as more than just sexual attraction–as something complex that underlies our basic interactions, the ways we relate to other people, form our self-concept, etc. Includes some pretty cute kid pics of me! Full post and download […]

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