More Zines!

Yikes y’all. Sorry for the world’s longest absence. I’ve been finishing up with this project and the thesis paper I was writing. Totally done now!!!

So here are some more links to download more of my zines. These are the first three I ever made. Plz feel free to give me feedback! Just to refresh your memory, the point of these zines is to try and create relatable, non-authoritarian sex ed material for queer and trans youth. I don’t have super specific educational goals for the zines themselves (although obviously I am trying to get a point across). It’s more that overall, I hope my readers would feel like they are not alone, that their hopes and desires are valid, and that ANYONE CAN MAKE A ZINE!!!!



It ain’t real fancy! My main goal with this zine was to promote condom use without promoting only a particular kind of sex act//seeing condoms as “birth control”.  I also didn’t want to gender the use of condoms as explicitly male, with an understanding that condoms can be used by anyone with a penis and not just cis men. I would have liked to find more images of a diverse range of genders and people using condoms, because most images of people using condoms that I found were in a supes hetynormy context. When I started this project, I wanted to have a running segment called “celebrities: they’re just like us”. I ended up only doing it in this first zine, and it took a lot of fruitless searching to find a celebrity quote about condoms so i had to make up my own.


The Internet


I made this zine as a response to increased issues of cyber bullying, the overwhelming amount of sex-related misinformation, and the recent trend of teens receiving felony charges for having and distributing nude photographs of themselves and their peers. I didn’t want to be all “don’t ever sext everything is terrifying beware the internet”, so i tried to make this zine more upbeat and positive by including some safe and fun ways to approach cyber sex and sexting without sending nude photographs. This was challenging, because I wasn’t sure how graphic I could be and am not as familiar with how teens use sexting since this was not relevant when I was a teenager. I found some really good articles on “how to sext”. go on, google it why don’t ya.




i wanted this zine to be a simply introduction to gender stereotypes, the binary, the vast range of gender identities and presentations.


I tried to address the unfair gender stereotypes that I find prevalent in my upbringing and daily life, and the ways those stereotypes of gender intersect with race, class, ability, beauty standards, and desirability. I offer some personal narrative to this zine, but in retrospect I wish I had spoken more from my own experiences instead of using omniscient narration.

This is the back page of the zine–I can finally reveal who my terrible line drawings are of! Shout outs to a few of the beautiful people in my life who inspire me always: marcus, davend, katie, and becky–you all express yourself in ways that make me feel a little more brave.

Stay tuned for more zines, resources, reviews, and ramblings!! Thanks!

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