my true self: a love story

This is a double sided zine! Most printers should allow you to print double-sided.

Read one side, turn it inside out, and reassemble it! I really like using both pages, because you get to interact more with the physical zine itself as the story changes, turns itself inside out, gets more personal, etc.

(for refreshers on how to assemble the zines, see the tutorial below)



So this is one of the more wooey zines I’ve made for this project. “My True Self” is slightly more abstract than other topics I’ve taken on, but I used this zine to talk about developing a healthy self-concept, and the importance of self-representation and individual expression through style. I had a friend take a series of photos of me in styles and clothes that made me feel the most true to my identity, using an iPhone app that manipulates a series of photos into one picture. I used these pictures to collage with and am pretty happy with how it all turned out!

Also, I know I’m pretty early on this one but something to look forward to in Spring? My friend Gus is bringing this to Minneapolis, stay tuned for more info on the rest of the tour!

BARF ZINE Tour: focuses on body image issues in the radical scene. Also Gus’s one woman play entitled “I Thought Fat Girls Were Supposed to Be Funny?” is coming along for the ride. April 20th, location tbd (most likely mxdxmx of the arts).

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