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Some random and scrambled thoughts on the long and confusing process of being trans, getting pregnant, and becoming a parent. For whatever reason, I always had this idea that I would have a kid when I was 27 (it’s my golden birthday). Being trans and on hormones reinforced that timeline for me–I felt like I couldn’t count on my fertility lasting as far into my 30s as most people. There is hardly enough information out there about fertility issues for people who are hormonally transitioning, and I feel incredibly lucky to have access to a lot of alternative health resources. Here are some below!

Trans Reproductive Support group on FB (need admin approval/vetting):

Trevor MacDonald’s blog about his pregnancy and nursing his child:

I could say a ton more about this topic. Feel free to contact me or comment with your questions, it’s a weird and complicated experience! I will say, we get a lot of messaging that queer and trans people shouldn’t be parents. I had to fight a lot of that internal messaging myself, and seeing the way queer family is weaving together around my child is seriously one of the most beautiful things I have yet to witness in my life and has been incredibly healing for me. So proud to have conceived a little queer monster!

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