trans* history

to follow up from all my hypothetical musings about trans* history, here is the link to the zine:

(it’s double-sided again, so you want to print them front to back)

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-stories of gender non- conformance throughout history!

-positive images of trans* people in the media today

-some thoughts on transmisogyny

-an homage to some folks who inspired me when i was just first coming out as trans*….this is painfully too short but in the future i would like to give more focus and attention to some amazing trans elders in my life and in the world.

I posted a couple months ago about my process in developing this zine…I’m gonna re-post some of this here:

My inspiration came from Leslie Feinberg’s book Transgender Warriors– I wanted to use a similar style, sharing trans history through my own process of researching and discovery. When I first started learning about transgender history, the only common stories I knew of trans* people were from pop culture and the media. The ways we see trans people portrayed is so limited. Pop culture is full of “hilarious” men in dresses (Mrs Doubtfire, Some Like It Hot) or criminal sexual deviants (the crying game, silence of the lambs).

But there is so much legacy of transgender people throughout history who were powerful, respected members of their communities, leaders, shamans, honored, revered.

And what about all the living, breathing, everyday people in the world who are loving, kind, creative, intelligent, beautiful people, who happen to be trans?

So in making this zine and looking for images, I tried to brainstorm some important historical moments (I was heavily influenced by Feinberg’s text, and so I mention a variety of mythical figures/gods/goddesses from Greece, Rome, Egypt, etc who are known for their androgyny, balancing the masculine and feminine, etc). Finding all of these images was not so big of a deal. It was SO MUCH HARDER to find images of incidentally transgender people, just looking happy and healthy and in their own contexts, not a pride parade or march. I ended up using really hilarious keywords in my google image search, like: happy transgender, trans people having fun, trans love, gender variant, transgender, androgyny, sacred androgyny, transgender anarchy…. i found some good images that I probably won’t use in the zine, and some other really ridiculous ones…

i also came across a few good articles, this one on understanding transmisogyny:

this awesome zine, out of the closets and into the libraries:

trans oral history project! didn’t even know about this:

really beautiful art/autoethnography project about queer Native American community:


I thought of so many people I wanted to include in this zine… I still could down the line. I want to sort of bookmark them here: Justin Vivian Bond, Isis from ANTM, Zackary Drucker, Carmen Carrera, Lauren Cameron, Amos Mac, Kate Bornstein, DavEnd, Sasha Fleischman…more on this soon! Maybe I’ll do some little highlights on those folks here on the blog! Do you have some trans* heroes?? Tell me all about it!








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