WE NEED TO TALK: a love story

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This is another double-sided zine, (prints front to back) about COMMUNICATION, RELATIONSHIPS, and CONSENT.

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If I haven’t been clear about this in my other posts, my intention with this project was to make  zines that are more ACCESSIBLE- to young people, folks outside of the DIY/zine scene, and although I’m taking a personal narrative approach I want to have representations of all kinds of gender expressions, races, bodies, relationship statuses, learning/communication styles. It’s a lot to keep in mind, and I really want to know when I’m not hitting the mark with this. It’s felt really awesome to have my creative process be focused in an anti-oppression framework, that I can sit down and think of inclusion in a way that is creative and artistic as well as personal and political.

I was really feeling the limitation of my form for this zine, because it’s such a huge topic area and I could go a million different directions with this. But really, this is why I chose to make one page zines, because it forces me to reduce things into sound bites and get to the point. I can’t say that I really understand tumblr and twitter, but I want to stay relevant so I try to imagine what I’m saying as like a hashtag or something….Oh dear. Part of me is really resistant to this, like oh my god what is the world coming to if I’m trying to imagine my work as hashtags. But forreal, as huge and massive as these concepts are, it’s not going to help anyone but trying to complicate and problematize everything…things should start kind of simple, right? I want to talk about these topics in a way that is brief and catchy, aesthetically pleasing, and memorable without oversimplifying.

You can get at me through my email, jamesrosedewitt@gmail.com if you have feedback, have ideas for future topics, want to collaborate, or want to share the zines!

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